Benjamin G. Thompson

Hello! I am a mathematics PhD candidate at Cornell University, advised by Martin Kassabov.

I study topology and am interested in exploring invariants of low-dimensional manifolds. In simple English, I create knowledge for the world by studying shapes from a precise, rigorous, and verifiable theoretical and abstract perspective.

I have been recently thinking about ribbon categories and character varieties. I also co-run a graduate student seminar exploring Morse theory. Outside of pure mathematics, I am also interested in new systems-level programming languages (mainly Odin), and making puzzle games — you can find a couple of mine here.

Prior to Cornell, I graduated from the research-intensive Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) at the Australian National University (ANU) with first-class honours. My thesis investigated the Khovanov homology of rational tangles; you can find a 20-page paper based on it here.

You can find me on Github at bg-thompson and on the Mastodon server at bgthompson. My email address is, where XYZ are the initials of my name (the same initials used in the domain name of this website). I created almost all of this website myself using the text editors Emacs and Sublime Text.