Logic Puzzles 1 (with Inna Zakharevich)

version 0.1.0 (Sep 2023) (HTML5)


The webpage linked above contains a collection of logic puzzles to help students understand mathematical statements with quantifiers.


In each puzzle, evaluate whether or not the logical statement holds when applied to the grid of shapes below it. Select "True" or "False" to check your answer.

The logical statements include the quantifiers for all (∀) and there exists (∃). The functions shape(), border(), and fill() refer to the geometric shape, border color, and interior color of a given shape respectively.


In the following puzzle

the statement

∀ : border(x) ≠ fill(x)

means in (less concise) English

"for every shape, the border color of the shape is not equal to the interior color of the shape."

The bottom-most hexagon in the grid is comprised of only one color, so the statement is false.